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Autumn Special! $375

HypnoBirthing® Express Class Series 

Our HypnoBirthing® classes include:

  • One copy of the HypnoBirthing® book
  • Exclusive Hypnosis for HypnoBirthing® Students (digital download)
  • Exclusive Birth affirmations (digital download)
  • Guidance packet

2021 Dates: 

Dates:  September 19, 26, & October 3 & 10 (Sundays)
Time: 5:00pm-8:00pm, last class till 8:30
Location: Virtual Class on Zoom, Link will be provided upon registration
Price: $450 now $375
To sign up, text 917-225-2584 or email: info@birth1st.com
Payment options: Use the phone number for Zelle, Venmo, or click the PayPal button

Express Class, upon request, only for late in pregnancy:
This class can be scheduled at a convenient time in the privacy or your home or another families home. 

*If your due date is near, an express class may be a possible. The 12.5 hour class would be divided in to two sessions, 6-hours one day and 6.5 the next day or three sessions, 4-hours and 4.5. There must be at least two couples or it will be considered a private class.
Price: $500 per couple, 2 couple minimum
$1,200 private, one on one
Private sessions depending on availability.

We offer HypnoBirthing® Certified Childbirth Education classes or Lamaze® Certified Childbirth Education classes, as well as, breastfeeding classes and newborn care classes in either a virtual group setting (Zoom) or privately in the comfort of your home!

In our HypnoBirthing® classes you will learn how to experience birthing in an atmosphere of relaxation, free of the fear that prevents your body from functioning as nature intended it to. While in this calm state, your body releases endorphins, your body’s natural relaxants and replaces the stress hormones that constrict and cause pain.

In our Lamaze classes we will cover the Lamaze® Healthy Birth Practices. Based on years of research, these Birth Practices are designed to help you simplify your birth process. You will gain the necessary knowledge to help you ease your fears and manage pain. Regardless of your baby’s size, your labor’s length and complexity, or your confidence level, these care practices will help keep labor and your baby’s birth as safe and healthy as possible.

Our birth doula services provide personal continuous physical, emotional and informational support parents before, during and shortly after birth.  We ensure the parents can achieve the healthiest and most satisfying birth experience. If you would like to discover safe and healthy ways to bring your baby into the world,  we can provide you with useful and empowering techniques to help you on your journey!

Our services are available in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island.
Skype, FaceTime or Zoom sessions are available.
Classes are also available in Spanish or Portuguese, if desired.
Your comfort and convenience are most important to us!

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To sign up, text 917-225-2584 or email: info@birth1st.com

Check out our FAQ for more information on HypnoBirthing®.

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